Villa Hotel Bali

Boot Camp

Health is Wealth!! I am sure most of you will agree.

To stay healthy however takes more discipline and motivation.

Like everyone on a holiday or just a food lover, we indulge in food…but once we indulge in food it is very hard to find our path to discipline and healthy lifestyle. We at "Seaside" we like to make that difference, an opportunity to steer you to that healthy and discipline lifestyle. This is simply by organizing a boot camp timetable for you to participate simply because you need some pushing and at the same time have a holiday in Bali and get some good motivational tips from our Trainer. Take a week out of your busy life and come to one of our Seaside Fitness Bali Boot camp.

Recharge your batteries with a week of physical activity and training. Enjoy the free time by spoiling yourself with massages and relaxing, we can plan other activities in your free time and provide all assistance.

Our trainer is none other than Bob Breen, considered the best trainer in Bali and very passionate about what he does. Bob has helped other Personal Trainer with their Boot camps and continues to organize more camps.

With the help of Bob and the Seaside sales team, we have charted fixed dates for running boot camps, immaterial if participants are one or many. All boot camps date start on arrival Sunday and departure on Saturday. Participants may come earlier and later if required by informing the hotel accordingly.

  • Sunday , 29 March to Saturday 4 April 2015 ( 7 Days/ 6 Nights)
  • Sunday , 25 April to Saturday 2 May 2015 ( 7 Days/ 6 Nights)
  • Sunday , 24 May to Saturday 30 May 2015 ( 7 Days/ 6 Nights)
  • Sunday , 21 June to Saturday 27 June 2015 ( 7 Days/ 6 Nights)

The dates we have come up with also does not clash with group boot camps organized by private trainers and their own group of participants. This is in Australia, Singapore, HK and Middle East.

For those of you who are not sure what is this boot camp and what they do, we have prepared a simple Q&A of this which we trust will provide all the necessary information.

Q What does the itinerary for a program look like and what sort of training will the participants have to do?

A. Daily 0600 to 0700 Beach boot camp starts with a variety of Workouts in the six morning sessions Monday to Saturday and 5 night session starts at 1700 to 1800hrs

The night session will be instruction and discussions about different training modalities

In between this time is free and easy for you to enjoy Bali and Legian shopping.

Q. What sort of training would we have to do?

A. Beach training will be carrying sandbags, tire training, rope training, hammer training, etc. Evening will be instructions/discussions of training modalities in the gym that you can practice when you go back to your country.

Q. Can this be done for someone with some chronic illness like Cardiovascular, Diabetes, High BP ? Will doing this benefit me and if yes…How?

Yes get a clearance from your doctor and lets us know about your condition and any issues you have. Bob has had experience at rehabbing various injuries and worked with young children with issues ranging from asthma to heart defects. He has also worked with clients recovering from illness and surgery. Part of the recovery process is selecting what the steps are to get you on the recovery path or managing the problem. Exercise will definitely benefit any ageing illness, but this must be done moderately and with suitable advise from a professional trainer with also your own medical doctor.

Q4. What other benefits can I get just by participating in this program?

The participants from past Boot camps have found the experience rewarding and this is evident by repeat visits, positive feedback and achieving personal goals after the retreats

In addition you get to stay at a great location which is a beachfront property. The hotel has complimentary wifi and if you stay at the hotel you can use the gym complimentary whenever you like…within opening and closing hours. You get to train with the best Trainer in Bali. You get free consultation for fitness advice which you will normally have to pay for if you join a private gym. You have an opportunity to surf at your free time. You have all the night life, shopping and food outlets all within walking distance.